Hello, I’m Rachelle Blake, founder of Fog & Co. I’m a Designer / Art Director now based in a small town in North East Victoria, Australia.

I have worked as both Designer and Art Director for agencies in both Sydney and London, most recently Saatchi & Saatchi (Sydney).
I hold a Bachelor of Design from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW.

Fog & Co. is a creative collaboration – where I call on a network of collaborators depending on the project. This network includes Copywriters, Photographers, Illustrators, Strategists, Web Developers & Videographers.

I specialise in Brand Awareness - working with entrepreneurs or organisations to define (or redefine) their brand. This may include a new Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Marketing or Awareness Campaigns, Book or Editorial design.

An environmental & ethical passion is what ties everything together. Thinking very carefully about the materials used and consequences of production. I love to work with clients (and collaborators) that share the same ethos.

Why Fog?
Fog creates drama in the way in which it both hides and reveals. It can pare back the colour of everything in its path, bringing with it an ethereal quality, and then instantly part to display nature at its best. Great design often shares this sense of playfulness, the hide and reveal, that can draw you in. I love to try and bring this sense of fun to the work I do.

And the ‘& Co.’?
My projects are very collaborative. '& Co' acknowledges the collaborators that I work alongside and whose inputs help bring the projects I work on to life.

Some collaborators include:
Multiple States Digital Design & Development
Laura Jones Designer & Stylist
Milos Mlynarik Photographer
Lesley Cunliffe Copywriter

Photo above: Milos Mlynarik